Bill Consolidation Loan

Combine Your Bills. Lower Your Stress.

A Bill Consolidation Loan is a great way to manage your monthly bills and reduce your stress level! There is no need to pay multiple bills each month, when you can get a Bill Consolidation Loan from Westview Financial Services you pay only one! Consolidating monthly bills may be the solution for you!

When you add up all the bills you pay each month – multiple credit cards, payday loans, etc... it makes sense to look for a way to consolidate all of these payments into one manageable bill with a Bill Consolidation Loan from Westview Financial Services. With a bill consolidation loan, you can use these funds to pay off your current loans and bills, and just have one payment each month. You can also enroll in our Automated Loan Payments program and the payment will be made automatically for you! We’ll debit the payment directly from your checking account. No more juggling payments, or putting off payments and possibly jeopardizing your credit rating or incurring more interest.

Consider these factors before you get a Bill Consolidation Loan:
  • Interest rates – look at your current monthly bills and find out what your current interest rates are for each credit card or loan, then compare those interest rates with the interest rate for a bill consolidation loan. Some loan rates may be higher than what your current debt rates are and your monthly payment might increase.
  • Loan term – how much time you have to pay off your loan is critical. Make sure you have plenty of time to pay off your loan, so you do not have debt lingering longer than you need it to.
  • Closing costs – some home equity loans that are used for bill consolidation require you to pay closing costs. Be sure to count them into the equation so you know exactly what the total cost of the loan needs to be.

Consolidate your bills and you may reduce your monthly payments:

With A Consolidation Loan from Westview
Consolidation Balance $12,936
APR 24.99%
Term(months) 60
Monthly Payment $380
Reduced Monthly Payment By $290

Without A Consolidation Loan
Balance Payment
Auto Loan $8500 $337
Visa Card $1820 $91
MasterCard Card $1329 $66
Store Card $683 $20
In-Store Financing $604 $75
Total $12,936 $589

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