Personal Loan

Let’s get personal with a personal loan to suit your needs! Fixed rates, secured & unsecured loans ranging from $300 up to $25,000!

Personal Loan Features

  • Loan Amounts: $300-$25,000
  • Fixed Rates: Your rate won’t change for the life of the loan.
  • No Prepayment penalties: Pay off your loan without prepayment fees.
  • No Collateral Required: For unsecured personal loans. You could receive a lower rate by using your car as collateral.
  • Clear terms and multiple payment options.
  • Homeownership is not required.

To qualify you must meet the following conditions

  • You are a Virginia resident.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have the ability to make the monthly payments required to pay off your loan.
  • You have some established credit history based on our minimum standard criteria.
  • You need the loan for personal, family or household purposes.*
  • Note: Interest rates are based on various factors, which include your income, credit score and payment history. 
    *Loans provided by Westview Financial Services are not available for business purposes.

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Personal Loan Required Documents

*Please call your branch to confirm the documents you will need to bring. The documents must be dated within 30 days of the application date, except where noted.

Verification requirements

After you apply online, Westview Financial must verify the following information on your application:

  • Personal Identification
  • Income
  • Employment
  • Address
What you will need to bring

To verify your address and age, you will need to bring either of the following to your local branch:

  • One piece of primary identification; or
  • Two pieces of secondary identification

Acceptable Primary Identification - any one of the following:

  • Current driver's license
  • Current U.S. government issued non-driver identification card
  • Valid passport
  • Current armed forces identification card

Acceptable Secondary Identification - any two of the following:

  • Current credit or debit card with an embedded photo
  • Employment badge/pass with the following:
    • Recognized company name
    • Applicant's name
    • Applicant's photograph
  • Current bank statement
  • W-2 that includes the applicant's Social Security number
  • Birth certificate with a raised or embossed seal
  • Current permanent resident card
  • Utility bill, this bill MUST meet the following conditions:
    • be in the applicant's name
    • list applicant's current address
Income verification requirements


  • Pay stub dated within 30 days of the application date
  • Signed verification of employment letter from the employer. The letter MUST meet the following conditions:
    • include the income amount.
    • be dated within 30 days of the application date.
  • Payroll records or schedule of payments made to employee dated within 30 days of the application date
  • Military leave and earnings statements dated within 30 days of the application date
  • W-2s that meet the following requirements:
    • The W-2 displays the same employer as shown on the loan application.
    • The loan application date MUST be within 90 days of the due date of the tax return for the year of the W-2.

Pension & Social Security:

  • Bank statement dated within 30 days of the application date showing direct deposit of one of the following:
    • Social Security income
    • Pension or retirement income
  • Retirement or Social Security award letter
    • The letter MUST be within 18 months of the application date.
  • Monthly pension check stub dated within 30 days of the application date
  • Copy of the Social Security check dated within 30 days of the application date

Self Employed:

  • Past two years' tax returns

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